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About the Author

My name is Matt Keller, and I am the author of the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page.  I often get emails asking about me (as well as emails assuming that I am Maynard), so I thought I would include a little information about me and the history of this site.

History of the Site
I started the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page in January of 1996 as a college student at the University of Northern Iowa.  The site started as a class project, but grew as I found more and more Maynard info and became more proficient at HTML.  Eventually, the site allowed me to meet and talk with Maynard and his band on several occasions.  I graduated college in May of 1997, and moved to Des Moines, Iowa.  I decided to keep the site going and moved to a new ISP and a new address.  The site now has a mailing list of over 1000 members, and receives approximately 300-400 visitors every day.  I usualy receive around 5-10 emails a day, with questions about Maynard and Maynard's band.  In April of 1999, the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page moved to its own domain, maynard.ferguson.net.  Maynard and Maynard's staff are aware of and very supportive of this site.  They often provide me with news and current tour dates, although this is not an "official" Maynard site.

Author Info
Like you, I am first and foremost a Maynard fan.  I like to think of myself as THE Maynard fan, but don't we all?  As I mentioned, my name is Matt Keller.  I am 27 years old (as of this writing), and I work as a web designer for an insurance company in Des Moines called The Principal Financial Group.  I have three beautiful women in my life. My wife, Anne, and daughters Casey and Melanie.  Maynard is my most enthusiastic hobby, although I have many other interests (listed below).   For example, I also run a website called Web Sweepings, a daily collection of interesting or unusual links on the web. I am also available for freelance web and internet projects. If you are interested, please send me an email.

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