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This is the spot where you will find various Maynard features, from alumni interviews to chat transcripts.  I hope you will enjoy this collection of Maynard material.

Interviews Alumni Contributions

Former MF drummer Danny D'Imperio wrote some new liner notes for the recently remastered Chameleon album. However, they were significantly edited for the marketplace. Danny has been kind enough to provide us with the full liner notes to Chameleon.

Chat Transcript Sheet Music

In August of 1997, the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page had its first chat session among frequent visitors.  Here you will find the transcript in its entirety.

Looking for a place to buy Maynard charts?   Check out my complete listing.
Testimony Survey Results
Find out what web surfin' MF fan-addicts are saying about the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page! The MF survey is no more.  Check out the results archive!
Live Webcast My Personal Encounters
Maynard did a live Webcast for gr8music.com.   If you have Real Player, you can view the entire Webcast, where Maynard talks, answers emails, plays music, shows videos, and even says hi to me! I've been fortunate enough to meet Maynard on several occasions.  Read about my MF encounters!
Tributes Maynard's Book
Long time Maynard fan Pete Nelson was kind enough to send me some incredibly well written memories of what Maynard has meant to him.

Maynard's biography, MF Horn: Maynard Ferguson's Life in Music, is now available!  Read my preview.