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Chat Transcript

In August of 1997, the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page had its first chat session among frequent visitors.  Here is the transcript in its entirety.   I am logged in as MKeller.


This is the complete, unedited transcript of the 8-12-97 chat session:

(I was logged in as MKeller)
No spelling or grammatical errors were corrected.

MKeller: Ok, everyone who is here: Welcome to the first official Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page chat
session. From now on, everything you say will appear in a transcript on my page, and will most likely be read by MF at some point! Does anyone have a topic they would like to start with?
Jim: How about Columbia re-releasing some stuff?
MKeller: Does anyone have any insight into any Columbia reissues?
Scott: Sorry not that I know of
MKeller: I think people may be having some difficulty connecting. LaMont, are you having trouble
Scott: Hey Lamont my buddy is Maynard the best or what?!!!
MKeller: Do we all agree on which album needs to be reissued the most?
LaMont: He's the greatest!
ChEeSeWiZ: I dont like how they rerelease on CD
Jim: Live at Jimmy's
Scott: Live at Jimmy's
MKeller: Exactly. Live at Jimmy's. Of course, some of those tracks are available on cd (Mac Park, The
Fox Hunt, etc)
Jim: But left intact, as a show.
Scott: Yeah you are right, but a CD right now would be sweet for sure
MKeller: Best track?
ChEeSeWiZ: I just got Live at Jimmy's Used!
Jim: Tough one.
ChEeSeWiZ: McArthur Park
MKeller: Left Bank Express is my vote
ChEeSeWiZ: It cooks!
LaMont: Got to run, back after while.
Jim: You almost have to break it down into periods.
Scott: maybe nice'n juicy or fox hunt
Jim: Nice'n Juicy!
Scott: so when does the boss return to the states?
MKeller: You can catch some of those tunes on those "Live at the Great American Music Hall" releases.
Of course, those are bootlegs and MF gets no money for them.
Jim: Got 'em both.
Scott: ten four on that
MKeller: The Boss is back in the states now...I think there are some American dates later this month.
Check the tour dates section of my page for specific dates. I should have the most current dates in a
couple of days.
Jim: Does anyone know anything about a video that was shot a while ago in Minneapolis?
Scott: can any Maynard fan ever have enough of his recordings? will be looking for the dates
ChEeSeWiZ: it should be made as an LP, audiofile, or gold CD
MKeller: I don't know about a video shot in Minneapolis...do you mean the one in Buffalo?
Scott: not that I know of, butwhat about one that was suppose to be done in Buffalo a while back
Jim: I thought it was Minn. ... a couple of years ago (birthday?)
MKeller: Oh, yeah. Dave Dee was in charge of that one. I will ask him if he knows anything about that. I
don't think that ever was finished.
Scott: wasn't thre word that for some reason in Buffalo there was a problem with filling up the place for
some reason?
MKeller: As a recall, it was supposed to be in a great hall that Chick Corea had just recorded in...
MKeller: It was nearly sold out by the end. It's a pretty big hall.
Jerry: Hey everyone. The chat room finally let me in.
Jim: Got a good story about meeting MF.
MKeller: Hello Jerry...is there some trouble connecting?
MKeller: Let's hear it, Jim!
Jim: Drove to Calif. from Kansas... decided to try and find Ojai.
Jerry: Yep, after 6 or 7 tries. Most attempts met with 'Connection failed'.
Jim: Found it, found the music office.
Jim: Janet (forgot her last name), gave us his address! He was home, she said, go on up.
Jim: Found the house, Knocked on the door.
Jim: Guess who answered?
Scott: The butler - HA HA!!!
Jim: I think me and my friend must have looked like Beavis & Butthead.
Jim: The funny thing was, we BOTH were wearing Mangione T shirts!
ChEeSeWiZ: heh
MKeller: Ha! What did he say to you guys?
Jim: I don't remember much, I think I just stood there, you know.
Jim: Nick Lane was there rehearsing.
Jerry: Matt, sorry to interrupt, but is it possible to change the font on this thing? My font optins aren't
for Java applets.
MKeller: Jerry: I haven't been successful...if anyone knows how, tell the group!
Jerry: Ok, Jim back to your story.
Jim: Later that year, saw him in concert, went back stage, he remembered us.
MKeller: He was probably like, "You were the guys wearing the Mangione t-shirts...little punks!"
Jim: Exactly!
Jim: Great guy, though.
MKeller: Anyone else get to meet MF?
Jerry: Ok, what MF are listening to now? I've got 'People' from the Dues LP on now.
MKeller: "Give it One" is on here
Scott: Yeah I did briely on 4/20 of this year!
MKeller: How was it, Scott?
Scott: I was great- talk about a super nice person and other members too
ChEeSeWiZ: manteca
Jim: Met him again in KC at The Drum Club and in Dallas in Jan.
ChEeSeWiZ: I just got the best mini-speakers for listening to MF
MKeller: He must think you are a stalker! :-) But, he always takes time out to talk to his fans.
Jim: Probably!
MKeller: Welcome, Jamison. Did you have trouble getting in?
Scott: I can't wait to see him again - we hope to hire him where I work sometime for a corporate thing
Jamison: Any MF fans in here? :)
MKeller: If you want to see who's on, type .who
Jamison: yes, I did have a little trouble...just had to wait a while
MKeller: Scott, that would be really cool!
Jamison: So, who all has seen the boss man live?
Scott: No doubt!
Jim: Anybody seen Stan Mark's band?
Jamison: Nope
Scott: isn't he in Vegas?
Jerry: Jim, No. I have his rather poorly arrangemed mid 80's LP though.
MKeller: No, but I've seen his web sight.
Jamison: We need MF here.....anyone know where he's at?
Jerry: I think in Eurpoe at the moment.
Jamison: He needs ot come back to America...to TN...to Knoxville
Jerry: I heard from Greg Evans that Scott Englebirght will return with MF when he returns from Eurpoe.
MKeller: He's not wired to the net at home, so he's not on tonight. But, odds are good he will see it
eventually. If all else fails, I will give him a printout at the next show I see.
MKeller: Scott is already back with the band. He played all through the Europe tour.
Jerry: Ok. That is good.
MKeller: If you guys haven't seen Edo's page in a while, it's got an excellent story about traveling with
Jim: So what caused Scooter's absense from the band for a short while a few months ago?
Jamison: Scott is the screamer trumpet guy...skinny...glasses right?
Jim: That was his replacement.
Scott: No that was Steve Reid
MKeller: Steve Reid was the skinny guy. Scott was out for a while because he had a tooth that he needed
ChEeSeWiZ: I highly reccomend the Roland MA-8 Stereo Micro Monitors
Jamison: So, is he gonna return with him?
Jamison: Oh he already has....nevermind
Jim: Matt Wallace sure has tenure, doesn't he?
MKeller: Yep, Scott is back with the band. I think he'll be there for a while...he loves MF and MF music.
Grew up playing along with it.
Jamison: Steve was incredible....I have no clue as to how he manages those chops for so long
Scott: And, Scooter is one of the humblest players I have ever known
MKeller: Matt Wallace recently passed up Stan Mark as the longest standing band member.
Jerry: I also heard a rumor that Dave Stahl was planning a MF tribute album. Anybody know about this?
Jamison: Scooter....is that another trumpet guy?
MKeller: Scooter is Scott Englebright's nickname.
Jim: And the world's greatest T-Shirt salesman!
Scott: That is just a nickname for Scott
MKeller: I haven't heard that about Dave Stahl...but that would be excellent. I wish that Paul Cacia would
do one.
Scott: Who is Paul Cacia?
Jamison: well, yeah, I know....Scott is the other guy, with MF at the moment, I knew that
Jerry: If you haven't heard Dave Stahl you have to. He recorded the Don Sebesky 'Danny Boy'
arrangmenet and it is fantastic.
Jim: So, how many of us are Trumpet players?
MKeller: Paul Cacia is just a great player out of LA. I play trumpet, for one.
Jamison: me! very much so
Jerry: Formet trumpet player.
Scott: will never quit!
Jamison: Paul Cacia...that name sounds very familiar
Jamison: Hey Scott, how old are you?
Jamison: I know a hard core trumpet player named Scott, has a CD out, the grand Turrino or something
Scott: Oh so here we go now!!! I confess - just turned 40 in June, and have been playing since grade
school, and you?
Jamison: Anyone?
MKeller: No idea, Jamison.
Scott: Me neither
Jim: So Scott, how long have you been listening to MF?
MKeller: I wonder how many people can't get into this chat right now. Does anyone else have a good
MF topic?
Jamison: Oh, I'm 16, been playing for six years....I guess you could say I'm the ameuter of the group
Scott: Since 1973, and I will never forget that day!
Jerry: Scott, Chameleon tour?
MKeller: Do tell, Scott!
Jamison: Chameleon tour! oh yes, tell us
Jim: Did MF's daughter play flugle on Hey Jude?
Jamison: I have that LP, its my prized possession
Scott: No actually the first thing I heard was the MF horn II album in the basement of a friend who's
father owned a musiv store - I flipped!
Jerry: MF Horn 2, a very good rock oriented album. Good introduction.
Jamison: MKeller, how do you manage this web page, what program do you use or whatever?
Scott: Yeah it was totally different from anything I had heard before
Jim: And how many times did you try and hit those high notes, sending a deadening pain to your temple?
Jamison: I have to say that Chameleon and MF Horn 1 and 2 are masterpieces
Scott: At least a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MKeller: I use Microsoft Front Page for all changes and updates. I use WS_FTP for all file transfers.
Jamison: This page is really great, and I love that Rocky theme song at the intro...it surprised me
Jerry: Matt if you can change the font for future sessions I would be MOST appreciative!!
Jamison: Welcome x male
Scott: Any of you professional trumpet players?
MKeller: Jamison: Many people don't know about the theme...it doesn't play on all browsers.
Jamison: Whats your definition of proffesional?
MKeller: Jerry: I'll try...I'm not sure how, though!
Jim: I've seen this discussed on other boards... but what do you all think of high school bands playing
warmup to MF, and trying to play all MF charts??
MKeller: Jim: I'm jealous of those high schools! My director's tried to discourage me from listening to
Jamison: He discouraged you? I guess i can see how that could happen
Scott: Good question - is that day gig as the boss says or night! on "these Cat;s can swing". I don;t know,
just paying I guess
Jim: I mean playing the things right BEFORE MF comes out!
Jerry: Matt, that is a shame. MF has so many differnet styles. ALL of my jazz knowledge was started
by MF listening.
Jamison: Good question...I'm prety sure its day gig
Jerry: From MF you go through Clifford Brown, Don Ellis, Kenton, etc...
Scott: That techer needs a brain transfer!
MKeller: Oh! I think that's a cool opportunity for the bands...plus it makes MF's band sound better! :-)
Jamison: Well, I know some people who don't appreciate MF, because he is so raucous, and they oly
know him for loud and high
Scott: They should listen more huh?
Jamison: Persohnally I thik he is they most diverse player I have heard
Jamison: I also need to type better
Jim: A great showman and teacher.
MKeller: I agree. He can do any style. But, whatever style, he always has fun. That's an imporant lesson
to learn from MF.
Jamison: Yes, they should listen a lot more...I was obsessed with him the first song I heard....Hey Jude
Scott: His sound has really changed since the 50's and 60's and I think that took a lot of guts
[Mouthpiece joined channel Maynard]
Jamison: And believe it or not....a saxaphone player introduced me to him
Jim: Isn't he really the last of his kind?
MKeller: Mouthpiece and Bill: Welcome! Did you have trouble connecting?
Jerry: Any jazz fans who don't appreciate MF haven't listened to him. Just trhow the Mosaic set at
them. Or the Verve 52. Both are great jazz listenning.
Jim: Maynard has reinvented his music quite a few times.
Mouthpiece: Been 3 months trying to find someone on MF channel and now...cannot get in!
Jamison: What I want to do is kep his spirit alive by doing what he did, with my own personal style of
Jim: He's of great importance in keeping young people turned on to jazz.
MKeller: Sorry about that Mouthpiece! It was an unforseen problem as I have never had more than 3
people try to connect at once!
billH: help
Jamison: All of MF is great listening....except I really can't get into his real early stuff....its set so much
into the 50's style, I'm into the rock!
Jamison: billH , what the prob?
Jerry: Jamison, that is the beauty of MF. He can transend so many different tastes. I much prefer the
50's MF.
Scott: So Jamison, you must really dig the two High Voltage albums?
billH: it took forever to log on
Jamison: Really? Actually, the 70's MF is my personal fav, but I haven't exposed myself to enough of
him yet, I need to hear all of it
MKeller: Actually, I love the 50's era AND the High Voltage albums.
Scott: All of it!!!
Jim: The 70's , man.
billH: 50's was good-Maynard had all night chops!
Jamison: I didn't say I didn't like his early stuff, its good when I want that style, but to get me trumpet
crazed, nothing can do it better than his 70's stuff
Jamison: maybe I mean the 40's, he played a little in the 40's
Scott: It's my favorite decade of his music also
billH: Trivia-Maynard used to stand as still as a statue when he played as a young man
Jerry: Jamison, that is cool by me. Got to love nearly all MF. I said 'nearly' all!! :)
Jamison: right on. He is great no matter the decade!
Jim: Bak in the 70's, concerts were two sets - long sets. MF actually got stronger thru the gig.
billH: i know what you mean Jim
Jamison: Doesn't that just amaze you though, we can divide this guy into six decades.....SIX
Jerry: When MF played as the Birdland house band I think they did 4 or 5 sets on weekends!!
billH: Remember the British 70's band. Great brass players
Jim: Anyone rember Bobby Millitello?
Jamison: That is truly amazing...I need his secret
MKeller: Yes, MF has been quoted talking about how the days of playing until 4 am are over.
billH: sure
Scott: Not many other players out there for six decades - Doc, Clark Terry - who else?
Jamison: I love Doc, but he aint Maynard, thats for sure
Jerry: Well Benny Carter tranceds from the 20's till the 90's.
billH: Herbert Clarke-no kidding-
Scott: Yes indeed
Jamison: MKeller, how old are you, by the way
MKeller: 22
Jim: MF continually finds a way to stay busy.
billH: My horn is older than that!
Jamison: I saw Doc live this yar, he was truly amazing, incredible classical player
Scott: So is my horn!
Jerry: Doc and MF played together in the Charlie Barnet band of 49.
MKeller: Yeah, yeah, yeah! :-)
Jamison: What college are you at, if you are still there of course?
Jim: I've got dents in my horn older than that.
billH: i've got socks older than that!
Jamison: I must be the youngest here, by a lot
MKeller: Hello LeadPlyr! You aren't Kevin Seely, are you?
Jerry: Kevin is that you as LeadPllyr?
billH: I'm 47
LeadPlyr: Nope, Nick Block
MKeller: Actually, I just graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in May.
Jerry: Ok. Glad LeadPlyr could come in.
Jamison: So what are doing with yourslef now, if you don't mind me asking?
MKeller: I don't mind at all. I am a web designer in West Des Moines, IA.
Jamison: Hey everyone, I know this sounds cheezy, but I hit a triple F# today, its my highest note,
LeadPlyr: How old did you say you were, Jamison?
billH: Norther Iowa used to have a great Jazz band-is this still true?
Jamison: 16
Jamison: I listen to A LOT of MF
Scott: Hey Jamison- Go for it man!
Jamison: the one above Double C is triple F right?
billH: Jamison, how LOUD was it?
LeadPlyr: Hah!!! I'm 15. You're not the youngest! <Big raspberry>
MKeller: Northern Iowa does still have a great jazz band...beat North Texas last year in DownBeat's
college poll.
Jamison: not too loud, but it was there, solid. I was goin' crazy.
Jerry: and we all know higher is better!!! :)
billH: I'm glad to hear that. We used to have a rivalry w/N texas. I went to Berklee.
Jim: Matt - have they ever brought the band to the Wichita Jazz Fest?
Jamison: I am still having a big problem with voluume in the upper register....around double A, I can't get
anything but mf, I wanna SCREAM!!!
MKeller: Not sure, Jim...
MKeller: Hi there Branan...did you have trouble getting in?
Branan: Nope no trouble at all!
LeadPlyr: Then BLOW, Jamison
Jerry: Jamison, for better volume work on peddle tones. Serioulsy it does help.
billH: Amen on pedal tones-
Jamison: OH yeah, I have realized that in the past few years, pedals help immensly.
MKeller: Are any of you new to this web page?
Jamison: I'll keep working no doubt.....I need a screaming double C before I am a senior
Jerry: Jamison, who esle do you listen to? Both trumpet and others.
billH: Jamison et al. be sure to keep the same embochure on pedals as you do in the "normal" register.
LeadPlyr: Heh... you wimp! Double C by your senior year? You set your standards too low!
Branan: Are all you guys trumpet players?
billH: yep
Jerry: billM has it right on. Keep the embrchure the same
LeadPlyr: So they say...
billH: I learned my pedals from Claude Gordon-trust me!
[To Don] Hi there, Don! Welcome. Did you have trouble connecting?
Don: Hello
Branan: Mainly keyboard now, but I used to have pretty good bone chops.
Jamison: I doubt you want me to list them all...I'll tell you my trumpet player list: MF, Dizzy, wynton,
Faddis, Chase, Harry James, Doc, Phil Driscoll, Miles, let see
Don: no problem
billH: I used to play lead for Harry James
Jamison: Cliff Brown, Al Hurt
Branan: I opened one night for Wynton
LeadPlyr: "pretty good" bone chops?
Don: Have I missed anything? :-)
LeadPlyr: =)
MKeller: Bill: Wow! That's incredible!
Branan: USED TO
Jerry: Jamison, good diversity. put Clark Terry there, Doc Chetum, Bix, Yank Lawson, Jonah Jones...
Jamison: YOu guys are kidding....
Branan: nope not me
billH: Used to is right
Jamison: wow, this is amazing, I love this room!
Don: Anyone else still playing?
Jim: billH: curious... what kind of living (financially) can a trumpet player make on the road?
Branan: I can keep up with most guys on keys though.
Jamison: Jerry, thanks for the ponters, I'll check them out
Branan: I still play keys
billH: I sat in with Maynards band in Chicago in '72 once
LeadPlyr: You guys should try Trumpet Players' International Network IRC. There's some pretty cool
people there, too.
Jerry: Jamison, feel free to email me anytime. centaurs@apk.net
Jamison: bill what is your last name?
Jamison: thanks jerry
Branan: I've seen maynard sweat up close three times.
Branan: pretty cool old man
Don: I just started playing in Dee Barton's Big Band. Dee used to be an arranger for Stan Kenton. He
recently moved back to Jackson, MS.
billH: Jim, it's very tough these days. Gigs are FAR and few inbtween. I quit the business in the early
80s. and the last name is Hall
LeadPlyr: I had Maynard empty his spit valve on my shoe once.
Branan: cool
Jerry: Don, I have a video from 1962 with Dee playing drums I think. Fantastic musician.
billH: Dee Barton is cool
Jim: So these guys are really doing it for the love of the music, huh?
Don: Thats him! He played bone for a while then moved to drums.
MKeller: Does anyone have any interesting MF concert stories?
billH: That's right Don
Branan: I have got the best story,...
Jerry: The video is available easily. It has 1/2 hour with Frank Rosolino and 1/2 with Kenton. Great
MKeller: Let's hear it Branan!
Mouthpiece: Got "cut off" of channel Maynard...and had mucho trouble getting back on
Jamison: The only thing I can say about the MF concert I witnessed was it was the MOST energy I have
ever felt
LeadPlyr: Well, I went to Belgium just to be there when Maynard recorded "Footpath Cafe". sheesh...
Branan: 1982-1983, not real sure, Maynard was to play in St. Augustine Florida,,
Branan: at an outdoor ampitheater,,
Jamison: Does anyone have tips for trumpet player for me, a young, maturing player?
billH: Leadplyr, you're a die-hard Maynard fan!
Jamison: no kidding
LeadPlyr: Woo-hoo!!!
Jamison: like me, sorry
billH: Jamison, e-mail me at: bihall@ctc.net. I'll be glad to help.
Branan: Me, my girlfriend, the lead trumpet player of our jazz band and his girlfriend,,
Mouthpiece: Jamison: find Web Page for "Trumpet Tips...." by Michael
Branan: We got there real early, sat up real close,,,
Jamison: thanks bill, I appreciate it...I feel I could learn so much from everyone here
billH: I not a big fan of Trumpet Tips.
Mouthpiece: Jamison: first, get a teacher...then, seach the WEB
Branan: The trumpet player's girlfriend wanted to know what MF stood for on the music stands.
Jamison: I have a teacher, but I want to get as much help as I can....trumpet is gonna be my life
MKeller: Branan: ha! Did you tell her the truth?
Branan: yep, after a few good laughs
billH: Jamison, get Claude Gordon's books. You'll play with more ease thatn you ever imagined. I'm living
billH: Jamison give me your e-mail...
Mouthpiece: There is a colloquial expression for MF in South LA, the first is a five letter word and the
second is a four letter word!
Jamison: Claude gordon.....I'll look for him, thanks
Branan: I saw MF a month or two ago, took my kids to see him for the first time, and my youngest
daughter fell asleep during the suite!
Don: Matt, your "stuff" is finished. Sorry for the delay. I'll get it right out to you.
Jerry: Did she have ear plugs in? How can one fall asleep during a MF concert?
Jim: Branan: bet the next tune woke her up!
Jamison: ONe day, if I get on stage, I want to play a song so beautful, at the end, nothing but silence,
because everyone is asleep
Branan: I think that would be a six letter word, mouthpeice.
MKeller: Don: Cool...
Mouthpiece: Branan: I took my 6 year old and we sat on 1st row, cenmter...she fell asleep until 'Cajun
Branan: They were wide awake with HEY JUDE finale
MKeller: I think that Cajun Cookin could live on like Mac Park or Pagliacci
Jamison: Can't beat Hey Jude...I just played a long to that one today
Scott: Cajun Cookin should be up for a grammy or something
Branan: Hey jude finale really cooks!!!
Jim: Pagliacci had such a grand finale.
Mouthpiece: MKELLER: 'Cajun Cooking goes as well as the three chord blues down south where we
Jamison: I have yet to hear Cajun Cookin', is it amazing?
Branan: Anyone here from FL?
billH: I haven't either
Jamison: I guess so
Mouthpiece: Pensacola...perhaps!
Don: Has anyone heard the Charlie Barnett CD "Redskin Romp" - I just found a copy and am expecting
it anyday now.
Jamison: where does everyone here live?
Scott: Jamison: The entire album ( One more trip to Birdland is awsome) thatr has Cajun Cookin on it
Jim: Ks.
Mouthpiece: Puertto REico
MKeller: Cajun Cookin is classic...actually, anything that Denis DiBlasio writes for MF is great. Get the
newest CD! You can order them right from my page. In the links section.
Jerry: Don, no. I would be interested in hearing it. Let me now what you think. centaurs@apk.net
Branan: St. Augustine Florida
Don: k
Jamison: Alright,...so its definitely worth it?
billH: Charlotte, Nc -by way of Los Angeles
Scott: Phoenix, Arizona
Jamison: I shouldn't even question, sorry
Mouthpiece: billH...a former Tarheel from Shelby...now in PRico
Scott: Yes it is worth it!
billH: Charlotte, Nc -by way of Los Angeles
Scott: Phoenix, Arizona
Jamison: I shouldn't even question, sorry
Mouthpiece: billH...a former Tarheel from Shelby...now in PRico
Scott: Yes it is worth it!
Jamison: Anyone have a preference as to a certaion type of trumpet, a certain brand???
billH: Alright! Mouthpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mouthpiece: RED CLAY!
Jim: What do you all think of the original "Big Bop Noveau" CD?
MKeller: Anyone play a MF Horn?
MKeller: The Big Bop Nouveau CD is excellent. Gotta love that MF Hit Medley live!
Jamison: No, but I have played on one before
billH: Mothpiece, I'll be in Shelby this Sat. Want me to call anyone?
Jim: Wayne Bergeron's great , isn't he?
Scott: The Big Bop Noveau CD had good tunes but terrible recording!
Don: I just got a Yamaha YTR 6310Z. All of the trumpet section in the Dee Barton band got the horns
hand picked by Bobby Shew and Bob Malone. It is the best horn I have ever played.
Jamison: What kind of trumpets do you guys play on????
Branan: The Jacksonville River City Band opened for MF in Jax, They had this guy, just turn 21, it was
his birthday the night of the show, he shaved his head bald, and played THE FLINTSTONES. He
smoked it. His name is Champagne!
Mouthpiece: billH: do not call my mistress!
Jerry: cott, I have to agree with you on that. The trumpets high register is very strange.
MKeller: Wayne is an excellent player. And I agree about the recording quality of BBN. They used
vintage mics...probably a mistake.
Branan: This guy will be well known soon.
Mouthpiece: What about the "laser-quality" of the new "lead" for MF, does he "goof" or not!
Jim: So did you all know that MF played on all the Martin/Lewis flix as a studio player?
billH: Wayne's a 20 year overnight success. He's been around a while.
Jamison: I am thinking about buying a new one, and cn't decided.....are Callet worthy horns?
Scott: So anyone have some advice for someone like me who went all through H.S. and college without
any good technique training? I think I need to "start over
MKeller: Mouthpiece: I don't know what you mean by "goof," but Scott's incredible...one of the best
leads MF's ever had.
Jerry: Matt, just remebered any thoughts on putting the Intechords interview on the web page?
Branan: Talk with you guys another night, bye for now..
billH: Scott, get the Claude Gordon books.
Don: Scooter is scary! Great player.
Jamison: When did Scooter play with MF?
[zesta joined channel Maynard]
Mouthpiece: Don: Where is Scooter, now?
Scott: Bill - thanks
MKeller: Scooter is still with MF
zesta: hi guys :)
Don: He is with MF now.
MKeller: Jerry: I hadn't thought of that! Good idea!
Jamison: wait....he isnt the skinny one...the skinny one is the guy who can wail, I am confused
Jerry: Matt, do you have it? I could make the wav files for you.
MKeller: The skinny one is Steve Reid. He had a great range, but played very thin. Scott's sound is
HUGE in the upper register.
Scott: Jamison - the skinny guy was Steve Reid
Don: What is Roger Ingrim doing now? He is also a fantastic lead player. Check out his work with Harry
Connick Jr.
Jamison: yeah, isnt he a mucb more powerful payer than this scooter character?
MKeller: Jerry: Yep, I have it. It's the one about the Hollywood album, right?
Jerry: Matt, yep a good interview. Just omitt the music and your there.
zesta: so is anyone elses here a lead player? :)
MKeller: No, he's not more powerful than Scooter. Listen to Scooter play Roger's part on Tunisia these
Jamison: I'm a lead player....of sorts
zesta: heh
Don: They both scare me!
zesta: I am, but dont have a band to play in :-(
[Appleguy left channel Maynard]
Jim: Anyone have Scooter's North Texas State recording? Guess it's quite 'somethin.
Jamison: Wow, I was totally amazed with Steve....has Scooter been with MF the whole tour?
MKeller: I am, I just can't hit any high notes! :-)
zesta: :-)
Scott: and listen to Scooter do the song "Maynard Ferguson" on N. Texas State lab '95 cd
Don: lol
Mouthpiece: MKeller: we have not heard much of your trumpet efforts...but you MUST be a trumpeter!
zesta: I can only hit a double G consistantly :)
MKeller: I have the 95 N Texas CD. But not the year before when he plays Danny Boy.
Jamison: what is your range MKeller?
zesta: Maybe if I practiced... :)
zesta: im a lazy person :)
zesta: i havent oiled my valves for over a year :)
Scott: I got the 95 cd, but missed 94 by two weeks! Bummer
Jamison: some people are born with great chops....i hate them :)
zesta: Ive had the same botle of Alysin for 7 years :-)
Jim: Some people work at it, too.
zesta: <-- has pretty good chops
Mouthpiece: zesta: use some valolene...do not let them "set-up"!
zesta: hate me. :)
Don: amen
MKeller: Well, I haven't played in 2 years...but my best was only about a high e. :-( Never much of a
screamer. Probably why I was so amazed by MF!
zesta: Mouth: they never set
zesta: ALysin is great
zesta: heh
zesta: highest note Ive ever recorded is a triple-high Bb I think...
zesta: covered up by the nastyu saxes and drums tho :-P
Jamison: above high C? I guess I have been raised on high notes or something....I'm just surrounded by all
these high note freaks
Jim: So what's going to be on the new recording - anyone know?
zesta: two octaves above high C :)
Mouthpiece: zesta...you sound great in print!
MKeller: No, just above high C
zesta: but no, Im not THAT great of a player.. liek I said I dont practice
Don: Sometimes it just takes a while for things to click and get into sync, like the physical end,
equipment, mental, etc. I didn't develope my range untill I was 32.
Jamison: The guy who just graduated last year was a screamer, this college instructor is a screamer....I am
corrupted for good
zesta: heh
zesta: Marching band helpeed me alot..
Jamison: marching band does wonders for the chops....if one plays smart
zesta: yes...
Mouthpiece: FOR WHOSE THERE: Has anyone hear ther "Ali Baba Suite" in live concert as written
and played by MF?
Jamison: ME ME ME!!!! It was awesome
Scott: Does anybody know what is supposedly the highest note ever recorded by anyone?
MKeller: You don't mean Sweet Baba Suite?
Jamison: The chants were a riot
Jim: Do you mean "sweet Baba Suite"?
zesta: quadruple-high C
zesta: as far as Ive heard
Jamison: I think the highest is quad C, but I'm sure there is higher
billH: Scott, try some Duke Ellington recordins with Cat anderson
Jamison: anyhone hear of Cat Anderson, I think he went higher, but never recorded
zesta: highest note of good quality has to be Sandoval's triple-C
zesta: although MF has a mean triple C too :)
MKeller: Cat had a really "whistley" quality, though!
Don: When I listen to players like Roger Ingrum, I don't hear a "screamer" - These guys are accurate,
consistant and precise. You have to have those qualities to be a good lead player.
Jerry: I've played higher than that, but only the dogs heard it. Does that count? :)
zesta: Cat is awesome...
Jim: Cat Anderson reccorded - got one.
Scott: Zesta on what album?
zesta: don: right... Ingram is a great player
billH: Savdoval studied with Claude Gordon
Jamison: YEah, a college guy I know can hit a quad C, he did it for me, but its just a whisltle, its there,
but barely
Mouthpiece: Did anyone see Sandoval "buzz his lips" in a camera close-up on the academy awards
zesta: scott: what? Sandoval? it was on a live album.. and I heard it live in concert at Bowling Green
MKeller: Anyone think they know the highest recorded MF note?
Don: Another favorite of mine (he reminds me a lot of 70's MF) is Paul Cacia. What a player!
MKeller: Many think it's on the very end of Star Trek.
zesta: triple-Bb ?
zesta: ;-)
Scott: Yes I saw Sandoval buzz his lips on tv
Jamison: I'm sure I heard it, but don't know what it is....MKeller you have s oundfile with him going way
up there
Don: I saw Arturo pig on the Academy Awards.
zesta: Jamisen: thats a triple-Bb
Scott: Don - ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jerry: Guys, getting late here int he east. Got to go. This is fun. Matt we have to do it again!!!
MKeller: Yeah, that clip is allegedly from Pagliacci. Amazing.
Jamison: is it? Its amazing
Don: lol
billH: Check out City of Glass(with Kenton) Maynard sits on a dbl C for Days and then brings it down
to a whisper.
zesta: MK: yah that Pag clip is definately a Bb :)
MKeller: Jerry: Thanks for checking in - dang too late! :-)
Jamison: faddis hit a double C for a solid minute on the faddisphere album, its rather impressive
Scott: What videos are available from the past?
zesta: Jam:wow
Don: OK - time for the corny questions. What pre-70's recordings of Maynard do you guys like?
Scott: Jamison I've got the Faddis cd you are talking about - he is awsome!
billH: gotta go......see ya'll soon.
Don: later billH
zesta: is faddisphere a good cd? I was gonna get it..
MKeller: I don't know that any are officially available. Although you can still get Sass and Brass,
otherwise known as Sarah Vaughn and friends. Late 80's
Mouthpiece: billH: best of luck to a Charlotte lad
Jamison: Unbelievable.....except I think hes playing into a mike, which kind of takes the magic away, but
MKeller: THanks for coming, Bill!
Jamison: All I have heard is the first song, its amazing
Scott: The cd is amazing but can get somewhat bizzare
Jamison: I need it
Scott: So get it!
Jamison: yes, its a bit......alien like a spots
Jim: Scott: there's a Playboy Jazz Fest tape, early 80's I think.
Jamison: I will! :)
Scott: Jim Who couls I get it ?
MKeller: Yes, but the Playboy tape is no longer available, I don't think.
Scott: Bummer!
Jamison: I had better be going...thanks for the chat Mkeller...thanks guys...its been a blast!
Don: later Jamison
Jim: How 'bout an outdoor show taped in Florida?
Scott: Later Jamison!
MKeller: Jamison: Cool of you to come! See you next time!
MKeller: Jim: Live at the Forum?
Jim: Yeah.
Jamison: thanks guys. chow!
Mouthpiece: Does anyone know whether the Montreal Closing Cememonies played by MF are on tape?
[Jamison left channel Maynard]
MKeller: Good vid...he plays the firebird in that one, yes?
MKeller: Mouthpiece: I will look for that tape forever...they must be on tape somewhere!
Jim: Are any of these available through MF's organization, or at least a lead?
MKeller: Before more of you guys take off, what did you like and not like about this session? Should we
do it again?
Jim: Sure, again.
Don: Check out Stan Mark's playing on the "Montreal Jazz Festival 1982" video. The guy was "on" that
Scott: If anyone has any videos they would like to sell/copy email me at: scott@ndrinc.com
Jim: It'd be great to get some alumn on.
Scott: Lets doe it again!
Mouthpiece: MKeller: This is the first time I have found anyone except a bunch of sex-crazed 14year
olds on the ICE
Don: Yes, Matt This is a blast.
zesta: hehehehe
Don: ;lol
zesta: Im prolly gonna start a IRC server soon..
zesta: maybe Ill start a #maynard
zesta: :)
Don: Lets get back to the old recordings, pre-70's stuff.
Jim: Matt: maybe you could work a video search into your site.
Mouthpiece: zesta: it was good to have met you
Don: What do you like?

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