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Chat Transcript - 2nd Half

zesta: cool...
zesta: its always fun to talk to fellow fans of the greatest instrument (-:
Don: "God's Instrument"
MKeller: I've considered putting a "classifieds" section into my page. I really need more suggestions from
the public, the sites for you guys! I already have the information! :-)
zesta: don:hehehe
Jim: Matt: haven't looked at your guestbook (if you've got one). But do you get a lot of hits?
zesta: my Old trumpet teacher has a good page...
zesta: with classifieds and stuff
MKeller: I've had about 21,000 since Jan of 1996. I get about the same traffic as Edo's site. Have you
guys been there?
zesta: www.bgsu.edu/~tdavids
Mouthpiece: Jim: MKeller is the hittest of the hits!
Jim: Yeah, Edo's got a great site.
Don: I have an open plea for help. If anyone comes across a copy of THE BEST OF MF on CD from
Columbia, please help me acquire it. I can't find a copy anywhere.
Jim: So Edo actually got up there and played along!
MKeller: Yeah, Edo had an AMAZING time with the band, it sounds like!
Jim: Has anyone else ran into different album covers on the same recording?
Scott: So why don't all of us hire Maynard sometime and have an awsome get together some weekend
and jam! A crazed thought!
MKeller: Don: I would check used CD sites on the internet...you can sometimes find some good used
Jim: But you've got to admit, it's a great shot of MF on horseback!
MKeller: Jim: that photo cracks me up!
Don: I've searched them all! :-(
Mouthpiece: Everyone is invited to pay $100. and we can get MF on his birthday!
Scott: Lets do it!
Jim: He's that cheap???
MKeller: Hmm...and Des Moines is right in the middle of the country! :-)
Mouthpiece: $7500 to 10,500
MKeller: I've heard he's around $5,000 on a weeknight to $10,000 on a weekend...don't know how true
that is/
Mouthpiece: Kasiser got him for around 3500
MKeller: Really? Excellent....
Scott: His Mgt. co. quoted me 10,000 but I talked w/ someone that said 4,000
Jim: Maybe you could get a church for cheap.
Don: Anyone heard anymore about the Columbia stuff being released on CD?
Mouthpiece: A not-for-profit space, on a next day gig is cheap...cheaP...CHEAP...AND all fans there
Scott: Meet in the middle of the country or better yet at his house he he!
MKeller: I think it would be great...we could compile a list of fans that we know, etc... Anyone want to
Scott: Nothing on the columbia stuff but they should
Scott: I will help out all that I can!
MKeller: Sad to say, but they probably won't until he dies. There's a link to Columbia's email on my web
page. Give them a piece of your mind, all!
Mouthpiece: MF requires a grand or baby grand or key board, a meal for the band, lodging and fee
Jim: How 'bout a gig with a bunch of guest alumn?
Don: At least we have Mosaic.
Scott: Not to get off the subject, but why hasn'y epic records released any of bill chases stuff those pigs!
Don: I think the Emarcy recordings would be a great box set.
MKeller: Actually, the first Chase album is on CD now!
Jim: Haven't they?
Don: CHASE is on CD.
Scott: MKeller now way!
Don: ENNEA is next on One Way Records. Don't have a release date yet.
Mouthpiece: All that is needed is 30 good fans at $100. each, a foundation matching grant, and tricket
sales at $25. ea. to break even...not including food and fdrinks
Scott: ooops No way!
MKeller: Yep, go to my merchandise section, go to Music Boulevard, and look up Chase.
Scott: I'll do ot
MKeller: Don: No kidding? That's great!
Don: Scott, I'll e-mail you where to get it, its under $15
Jim: Bring the school kids in on buses!
Don: never mind, Matt's got you covered.
MKeller: Fly in the pope! Drive in the president!
Scott: Don thanks scott my e-mail is: @ndrinc.com
Don: The One Way release of CHASE sounds 10 times better than the Japanese import.
Don: Also check out the CHASE CD by Kevin Seeley.
MKeller: Don: Really? I only have the import...you're saying I should get the rerelease?
MKeller: I haven't ordered Kevin's yet, either...how's the sound quality?
Don: YES, Matt - What a difference.
Scott: correction on my email it is; scott@ndrinc.com
Jim: With the set being pretty much the same these days... do you think the band (the guys) ever just
play any old charts on their own?
MKeller: I doubt it...although I had the pleasure of getting to hang at a rehearsal once, and they played I
Can't Get Started. This was last summer
Don: Matt, the Seeley CD varies in quality, but is all very easy to listen too.
MKeller: Don: Well, it IS Chase, and we don't have many options!
Don: true
Jim: I've got it! A concert with 3 versions of his bands. 70's, 80's, 90's.
Don: ENNEA is my favorite, hits you over the head from the start and never lets up.
MKeller: What do you guys think of MF's most recent album?
Don: C'mon guys, what do you like best from the pre-70's MF recordings?
Jim: Don: Blues Roar.
Don: sorry to butt in Matt
MKeller: I find it hard to get into the really old stuff most of the time...althoug some of the Kenton stuff
is incredible. (Maynard Ferguson, Concerto to End All Concertos)
Don: Yea, Niht Train is fun
outhpiece: Mouthpiece
Scott: Don: mosasic years for sure
Jim: Does anyone scour record shops for old LPs?
Scott: Yes on occasion
Don: THE BIRDLAND DREAM BAND and the Cameo recordings are worth getting if you don't have
them yet.
MKeller: Yes, but Des Moines isn't the cultural hub that it's made out to be! :-)
Jim: You're kidding!!
Don: I'm always looking for "THE BALLAD STYLE...." LP.
outhpiece: I keep getting cut off: but I posed a question regarding old stuff: anyone ever hear NF's first
road show of big-little-bands in late 50's/early 60's?
MKeller: A dude from Mass just sent me a tape of MF playing Rhapsody in Blue with Dorsey, I
believe. Sound quality is awful, but playing is amazing, of course
Don: Matt... hmmmmm
Don: lol
Jim: Any concert dates for the midwest this fall?
MKeller: Ed is faxing me current tour dates tomorrow or the next day. Keep an eye out for that update
Don: Mouthpiece, I haven't - how is it?
MKeller: If you are not on my mailing list, email me your email address to Mkeller@netins.net
Jim: How long has Ed been with?
Scott: I've got to head home for now, but just wanted to say this has been great and hope to talk to all of
you on this chat room again. It's been a pleasure. I will volunteer to head up the Maynard concert for us
if that's cool with everyone. My e-mail again is: Scott@ndrinc.com
outhpiece: Luck Scott
Jim: Bruce Galloway was doing sound for a long time, where'd he go?
MKeller: Scott, you are all over that one! See you next time!
Don: Are we all getting our dub of "THE BALLAD STYLE..." from the same source or has someone
found a really "Clean" copy or dub yet?
MKeller: Ed's been with since "It's My Time"
Don: later Scott
MKeller: I think Bruce might be with The Letterman now.
Jim: Matt: "It's My Time" ... there was an interesting one!
MKeller: I actually think that It's My Time is vastly underrated. Some of the tunes are cheesy..but the
playing is amazing
Don: I agree
MKeller: Don: I think my copy is moderatly clean
Jim: Spirit of St. Frederick is a good tune.
Don: You have the LP?
MKeller: I love Dance to My Heart. It's a guilty pleasure.
MKeller: No, I have a dub.
MKeller: Howdy kwalton
kwalton: hello
Jim: Was it on LP? I've got the cassette.
Don: It's really amazing how hard it is to find that album.
MKeller: Jim: If you are talking about It's My Time, yeah, it was on LP
MKeller: kwalton: what are you up to tonight?
Jim: It must be a little rare these days.
kwalton: Just checking in on some good chat
Don: You a Maynard Ferguson fan?
kwalton: You Bet!
MKeller: you've come to the right place! How did you hear about the chat? Or are you a "walk-in"?
Don: excellent!
kwalton: Got email
Don: cool
MKeller: I think that "Hot" is underrated, too.
Jim: Do they still call the MF fan letter "Fannadicts for Ferguson?
MKeller: Gabriel is a killer tune.
Don: Matt "reached out and touched you" too
kwalton: Yep
MKeller: Jim: No, they don't. Addict is probably politically incorrect now! :-)
Jim: Gabriel... a reincarnated Gospel John!
MKeller: Yep...with a little more funk
outhpiece: MKeller: when MF was playing with Anita O'Brian and the drummer man, addict was REAL!
MKeller: Anito O'Brian? Not familiar...
Jim: Anita O'Day?
outhpiece: Anita O'Day...sorry...the vocaliust w/Kenton
MKeller: Oh! You know, he used to be married to a Kenton vocalist. Kay Brown.
Jim: Kenton... There was an imposing man!
outhpiece: He was over 6 feet standing at the urinal
kwalton: He put out some great christmas music
Don: Speakin of Kenton, how is the sound quality on "LIVE AT CORNELL" and "LIVE 51 AT THE
Jim: Is it true he willed it that there not be any ghost bands?
Don: yep Jim
Don: NTSU has his library and it takes an act of Congress to see it.
Jim: But there is a get together every year in Souix City, isn't there?
Don: Mike Vax has some sort of get together.
kwalton: Don....you're showing your age....it's UNT
Don: true
Don: oops
kwalton: Hey I live close...I still call it NTSU
Don: lol
Jim: Has anyone heard the Bob Curnow band's Music of Pat Metheney? If Kenton's band was still on
the road, I bet they would sound like that.
Don: How is the brass section?
MKeller: I'm playing the Uncle Joe Shannon Soundtrack...anyone have that?
Jim: Solid.
Jim: Matt: got it.
Don: yep, I should listen to it more
Jim: Is Jay Chataway still arranging?
Don: Did you catch my post about Paul Cacia? Great chops, sounds like early MF.
MKeller: Cacia is amazing.
Don: Yes he is!
kwalton: He certainly screams alot
MKeller: He sounds nearly as good as MF, although it's not as impressive, considering that he totally
copies MF.
Don: I could listen to "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" every day, and I almost do!
MKeller: Sort of the way Alan Wise does.
Jim: Don: what recording of that do you have?
MKeller: You can find Paul Cacia recordings on the New Vintage Music website.
Don: Paul Cacia recorded it. It's the arrangement Jay Chattaway did for MF.
kwalton: Is Diblasio still arranging for M
MKeller: DiBlasio wrote and arranged "Cajun Cookin", which is on the most recent CD.
kwalton: That's right.....I remember now
Don: I didn't realize he did that, cool.
MKeller: Everything Denis touches is gold, in my opinion. I should track down some of his solo stuff. I
think he's miles ahead of Chattaway.
kwalton: I agree. I used to have his book....Diblasio's Bob Shop
MKeller: Why would anyone sell Bobs? :-)
Jim: Some good Dennis arrangements on Storm, aren't there?
kwalton: Oops....Bop
Don: He did a nice recording with Jeff Jarvis.
kwalton: I like Live at SF better
kwalton: How about Bebop Buffet....that is really great!
fci: Don: Do you have a MF WEB page?
Don: Can anyone listen to the first track of "RIDIN' HIGH" and not start laughing at the trombone solo?
Jim: Don: wish I had that one!
Don: fci - no Matt does!
fci: Don: Do you also have a MF "web page"?
Don: naaaaaaa1
Don: naaaa!
Don: lol
Russ: What is the first track of ridin' high?
kwalton: I don't remember Ridin High.....
MKeller: I just checked my email...I have about 9 emails from people who tried to get in tonight for
about an hour and couldn't. Next time, we need to find a better way. IRC, maybe?
kwalton: I had no problem at all
kwalton: How about Bebop Buffet....that is really great!
Jim: Matt:No problem thru Internet Explr.
kwalton: I was late also....maybe that had something to do with it
Russ: Is it on the mosaic set? (fall of seven)?
Don: Yea Matt - Stepphen DeLovelady wanted to join but said he usually can't connect for some reason.
MKeller: I think the people had trouble connecting right at 8:00. When they tried, it said "failed to
Don: RIDIN' HIGH is not in the Mosaic set.
MKeller: Don: yep, Stephen sent an email
fci: fci joined Maynard chat channel
MKeller: What do you guys think of IRC? Are there enough people out there that know how? Is there an
available channel, eth?
MKeller: Make that "etc?"
Jim: Matt: Thanks for the chat... leaving for now. Shanti.
Don: By the way, I've got very good copies of all the MF Columbia albums (except Live At Jimmy's and
Ballad Style...) if anyone is looking for trades, etc.
MKeller: I need feedback from you folks about this as well as my page. What would you like to see
added to the web page, what does and does not work, etc...
Don: later Jim
kwalton: gotta go....nice chatting.....really enjoyed the subject. Let's do it again.
[kwalton left channel Maynard]
MKeller: Jim: Thanks a lot for showing up! It was cool!
MKeller: kwalton: see ya next time!
Don: Who is left?
MKeller: type .who
MKeller: 5 of us left
Don: cool
MKeller: Don, Russ, fci, zesta, and myself
fci: Don: Do you have a web page?
Don: not yet
MKeller: Don, you might as well just start saying yes! :-)
Don: I'm working on it with MicroSoft Front Page
fci: U R Not Don S!
Don: nope
Don: lol
Russ: Does Ridin' High have another name as a re-release?
Don: nope
Don: yes
fci: Where were all of the other web pagers' tonite...some 8 to 10 but noone showed-up!
MKeller: Well, Edo's halfway around the world...it's probably the middle of the night there
Don: Both are hard to find.
MKeller: Yutaka is in Japan...same deal
MKeller: Collin is on tour with a drum corps (the crossmen?)
MKeller: The rest probably tried to get in! :-)
Russ: I thought so, I have it but it seems to be misplaced- the seracg is on!
Don: I heard from Collin's girlfriend, he says hey.
Russ: seracg=search
MKeller: Cool! Collin's a good guy. Most of the other web dudes are very cool...not at all competitive.
MKeller: Personally, my favorite MF page is Dave Dee's MF scrapbook. Have you guys seen that one?
Don: Anyone ever get a copy of the Japanes import "COMPACT JAZZ" ?
Don: Dave's page is neat.
MKeller: No, what's on Compact Jazz? Do you know?
Don: yea
Don: great set
Don: let me get it
Russ: Hey Matt- That's my Pagliacci clip on your sounds page- I've gotten many comments on it!
kwas: Hey Matt, it's me, jeff kwasniewski! Long time no hear from!
Don: drats, can't find the track list - it picks up where Verve Jazz Masters 55 left off and includes a lot
more tracks from the Emarcy recordings.
MKeller: Russ: me too, man! I made the mistake of putting "I don't even WANT to know what note that
is", so naturally, I receive about one email a day telling me what note it is.
MKeller: What's up, Jeff? Glad you could make it!
kwas: when r u moving your site to another provider? or r you?
MKeller: kwas: It's actually already there. But, my school account is still up until they figure out I
graduated. I'll just keep both up until one disappears!
Don: lol
kwas: r u running the mf stuff there or just at the school?
MKeller: I keep both sites equally current, if that's what you mean.
fci: MKeller: How in the world do you manage a "job-paying 8-hour day" and keep an up-to-date Web
Page at the same time?
Russ: Anyone going to check out the band in NYC next Friday?
kwas: yeah...where's your new site?
fci: Russ: My daughter and MF's daughter will check it out!
MKeller: fci: it's really not that hard. Want to know the secret? Work on it AT work! hee hee\
Don: I got an interesting dub yesterday - Anyone ever heard JAM SESSION-RECORD 100?
MKeller: kwas: http://www.netins.net/showcase/maynard
MKeller: which daughter of MF's?
fci: MKeller: Wilder (married to Chriastian)
kwas: thanks matt.
MKeller: Wilder and Christian are great people. They always take time to talk to me. Your daughter is
friends with Wilder?
kwas: I just saw DUES on cd at Camelot yesterday. First time I've seen it since the lp my friend found at
a garage sale
MKeller: Did you guys all see the interview with Wilder on my page? I still enjoy reading that.
Don: kwas - hoped you picked it up, it's getting hard to find.
fci: MKeller: My daughter is not friends w/Wilder...she only lives in NYC about a few blocks away. She
is an acquaintenance of Wynton's from her home state, LA.
MKeller: cool.
MKeller: Have you guys all visited all of the MF sites online?
MKeller: MF's getting quite a web presence these days.
kwas: Matt- I gotta go, but thanks for posting my mf story a while back. When I get settled here I will
scan the photos in and sent them to you.
MKeller: kwas: no problem, man! I'm glad you could stop by!
PLUS www.cd_plus.com It was only released in Canada.
fci: MKeller: I counted 8 prominent ones...with possibly 2 more? Right?
kwas: c'ya 'round the horn
Don: later kwas
kwas: by Don
kwas: ?
MKeller: Yutaka's, Edo's, mine, Collins, Dave Dee's, "The Boss", gr8music.com....am I missing some?
MKeller: CD Plus, eh? Never heard of it...
Don: It's based in Canada.
Don: It's a real classy CD.
kwas: matt- one last thing- you gotta go and search for stan mark. He is on AOL. Check his site!
Don: yea, Stan has a cool site!
MKeller: I've seen his site...I've got to link it soon! Gotta love that pic of him on the first page
Don: lol
kwas: not quite what I remember him as!
Don: I miss his fro!
MKeller: we all miss his fro...that's where he kept his high notes!
kwas: I think his fro was a cover for weed!
Don: lol
MKeller: hee hee
MKeller: It's getting late, MFheads...I may have to head out shortly. Any last topics we should hit?
fci: TO ALL: Earlier, it was mentioned that no record seems to be public for the dramatic, tear-dropper
conclusion to the Montreal Games of the early 70's (?). Are there any public TV videos w acceptable
sound tracks...and has anyone on this Channel ever seen/heard it?
kwas: gotta go for real! e-mail me some time ! jeffkwas@rocketmail.com
MKeller: No..but Dave Dee saw it!
MKeller: correction on CD Plus. It's cd-plus, not cd_plus
fci: Roger..buenas noches a todas
Don: thanks
Don: oops
kwas: stan THINKS he was there
MKeller: cool...see ya!
fci: and as a finale...here comes the 'Cajun Cooking w/appropriate improvisations!
kwas: well, I'm GONNA FLY NOW and go LaFiesta!
MKeller: fci - do I know you? I think you are on my mailing list, because the letters fci seem familiar
MKeller: D'oh! Nasty title puns!
fci: MKeller: Right on. I have been a fan of yours for some time. Remember Buffalo and the Booklet, et
MKeller: That's who I thought you were. Any word on the little venture we were discussing the other
Don: This has been fun. Lets do it again. Matt, I'll be in touch.
MKeller: Don: excellent! I'm glad you were one of those who got in! Email me!
Don: Ok - Cya
MKeller: Who's left?
fci: MKeller: if Kaiser could "pull it off w/$3500. plus food and drinks...I am still looking for the $3500.
which would go to a "fly-in" for web pagers. Am approaching Holten Instruments. a sm,all sum for such
a big first time meeting!
fci: MKeller: I tho't Don was Don Schaeffer...a MF "web pager" whom you failed to mention.
MKeller: I agree...but what is someone's incentive for funding us? I would be glad to offer them free
advert space on my page for a couple of months. Perhaps some of the other web authors would agree.
Would depend on the company though. Dow chemical: no. Holton: yes
MKeller: You mean Ron Schaeffer? I forgot about his...he hasn't updated in a loooong time.
fci: Best of luck in your new life Matt... Married, yet? and PLEASE keep the page!
MKeller: Thanks, man! I will be married in October! You are all invited! :-) MF music will be playing...
MKeller: Russ and zesta...you guys still here?
fci: MKeller: why not make it 5 October, 1997! FERGUSON at FERGUSON!
MKeller: Hee hee...sorry...Oct 18!
MKeller: Ok, that wraps up the chat! If anyone is still here! See you next time!
MKeller: Matt Keller, signing off