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"Matt Keller's Maynard Ferguson web site is truly remarkable. Some of the best MF resources available." Rich Szabo, former MF trumpeter

"Lot's of great stuff on this page, keeping up with the latest about Maynard is just a click away! Matt really understands what Maynard is about; as far as I am concerned, this page is the official MF page." Christian Jacob, former MF pianist and musical director

"Great page dedicated to a great trumpet man! I am a lot older than you, so I haven't been as close to the newer Ferguson licks, but I can remember him when he first joined the Kenton band, taking the Buddy Childers range even higher..."

"Maynard Ferguson is the undisputed GOD of HY CHOPZ! Forget that weiner Jon Faddis because MF RULEZ OK?!?!...The phenomenal battle between Chick Corea and MF in Cheshire Cat Walk is hot diggedy!!!!!!"

"Matt - this is a great that you pay tribute to a legendary musician like Maynard Ferguson in this way! Thank you for working to help in preserving the history and music of a jazz master."

"I just stumbled upon your page this a.m. It's great. I've been a fan of Maynard's since 1960 and have seen him in many different venues. In fact, we're a Maynard family (my son started listening to his tunes at 5 days -- the only way we could get him to sleep)."

"I must say I am very impressed. Until yesterday I was an internet virgin. As of today I have set up an account at my house and am very excited. All because of this Maynard Tribute Page...I think I've found a new home. Keep up the good work."

"Great! SUTURA is a band from Italy. We love Maynard and we play some songs. Giordano, the voice, and Paky, the pet, hope to meet Maynard one a day...sigh! But we are in Italy! We'll subscribe the fan club! MF'll never die and his pet will play forever! Ciao da Sutura"

"Just want to say that it's so great to see that you've given MF a cyber-presence. MF really deserves to be known on the information superhighway and beyond. I think that too many young musicians (especially trumpeters) today don't have any idea what a super strong lead trumpet sounds like. Today's trumpet recording artists record too much easy listening go-to-sleep compositions. But through your hard work our kids will have an opportunity to know what a real trumpeter is supposed to sound like..."

"One album that you definitely should purchase is "Stan Kenton, Live in '51 at the Hollywood Palladium Vol. 1" I think Maynard was about 23 at the time. He is playin' some really high notes. I think at the end of the album he ends the tune 'Vivi Prado' on the F above double C..."

"Hi Matt! I just signed up to Compuserve, and am enjoying your MF Web site!! I am 31, and have been a fan for 15 years. I am on the lookout for rare video footage, and a live concert version of his tune "O Solo Mio" that he performed with High Voltage in the late 80's..."

"...The reason for my sudden inspiration is I saw Maynard in concert last night in Columbus, Indiana. The man is still awesome, even at 68 years of age! There are some really top-notch people playing in his band, as well..."

"Great Page! I found your page just in time to inspire me for an MF concert in Columbus, IN February 20. It will by my 30-somethingth concert, but it never gets old..."

"I think that your page is really great! I had the pleasure of taking a friend to a MF concert in Benton Harbor, MI and we both ended up having a picture taken with MF, and autographs! The last time I saw him in concert (for the 3rd time), was in Holland, MI. This is where I got my picture signed by MF! I also wrote MF's booking agent and got him to come to my hometown in Ludington, MI. I am proud to say that I have met just about every MF musician currently on the bandstand, and have met Ed Sargent on several occasions. They're really neat guys to talk with!"