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A Maynard Concert Review

Submitted by Bart Morris.

Matt, Just wanted to drop you a note about Maynard's show last night at Caffe Milano here in Nashville. It was a fantastic set from the opening strains of "Blue Birdland" to his closer "Cajun Cookin" and his encore "Birdland". Before Maynard came out, Tom Garling's group played a piece from his new album. Tom will easily join the ranks of the great trombone players such as Urbie Green and Bill Watrous. Then the moment everybody was waiting for finally came, Maynard appeared and blasted the show off the ground with the fabulous "Blue Birdland". He then went right into "You Got It". Maynard and his band really looked like they were having a good time and Maynard looks like, even after all these years, he still enjoys playing for a roomfull of appreciative fans. I was particularly amazed at the boyish lead trumpet from the University of North Florida. My wife commented that he looked 15 years old (although I really think that our age might have been showing). During Cajun Cookin, the band and Maynard went through the audience playing little snippets of classic Maynard charts like Hey Jude, and Chameleon. And the highlight for me was that I actually got to shake Maynard's hand. Maynard's set lasted about an hour and a half and then the audience still wanted more. The club owner announced that anybody that wanted to stay for the 10:30 set could as seats will still available. If my wife and I hadn't had to be at work early this morning, we would have been there. The club owner is a big Maynard fan and still seemed shocked that he had actually booked Maynard for his club. Here's hoping that he books him again and again. In short, a grand time was had by all.