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Maynard's 68th Birthday

Graciously submitted by super M.F. fan Eugene Liauw.

It was May 3rd, 1996 in Glenside, PA at the Keswick Theatre where Maynard was to celebrate his 68th birthday. Little did Maynard know what was in store for him. The concert started off with Maynard's opener, Blue Birdland. The next song was supposed to be Caravan. Maynard was ready to play his solo in the beginning of the song, when the band started to play wrong notes and lose tempo. All of a sudden, the band managed to start singing "Happy Birthday to You" and the audience started to sing along while Ed Sargent brought a big birthday cake with candles. Maynard laughed about the whole thing and he said, "This is great! Thank you very much. But one question: This cake is enough for me, but what about you guys?" (referring to the band and the "Jenny Craig Trumpet Trio". After playing charts from the new album, Maynard surprised everyone by playing the theme from Rocky! After a great concert, a few of us were allowed backstage to celebrate the Boss's birthday. The boss came out and cut the cake, but the cake was so thick he couldn't find the knife he used because it was buried inside. Maynard proposed a toast, and we drank champagne, wishing Maynard the greatest birthday ever!