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Sound Clips - Beginners

The sounds on this page are intended for Maynard Ferguson beginners. Maynard Ferguson beginners are those people who have maybe heard of Maynard or even been to a show, but are relatively unfamiliar with his work. The clips on this page are songs that virtually every Maynard Ferguson fan knows as they were his most popular.  You can download the clips in wav or Real Audio format.

Download a free Real Audio player.

Maria [wav file (258 k - 24 seconds)] [Real Audio]
Perhaps Maynard's best known ballad, "Maria" from the motion picture "West Side Story" has been recorded by Maynard on several occasions. Most recently, it appeared on the album "Big Bop Nouveau" as part of Maynard's hit medley.

La Fiesta [wav file (290 k - 27 seconds)] [Real Audio]
This clip is from Maynard's fiery latin-tinged tune "La Fiesta." It appeared on Maynard's very popular 1974 album, "Chameleon." This song is hands-down the most requested tune I receive to include on the sound clips page.

Rocky [wav file (319 k - 29 seconds)] [Real Audio]
"Gonna Fly Now," aka the theme from the hit motion picture "Rocky" was without a doubt Maynard's biggest hit. It was a top 10 single in the 70's, and its album, "Conquistador" went gold.

Birdland [wav file (469 k - 43 seconds)] [Real Audio]
Maynard's interpretation of Joe Zawinul's "Birdland" became one of his most popular hits.  It originally appeared on the 70's album "Carnival." To this day, Maynard often plays this tune for his encores.