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Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  June 4, 2000

A concert review by MF fan Brooks Renoll.

On June 4, Y2K I had the opportunity to see Jazz Legend Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau at the 1,600 seat American Music Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At 15, this was the third time I've seen him in the past year and he blew my socks off once again. This was definitely at the highest quality. Having Carl Fischer back for the brief stint was an extra bonus. When Maynard came out and hit the first notes of Blue Birdland, I couldn't help but to squirm they were right on, and better than I remember ever hearing them before. Then the band broke into the usual, "You Got It." Followed by, "Just Friends." At the end of Just Friends he introduced the band saving Reggie Watkins the trombone player for last. He cracked a few jokes about Reggie, due to the factor that his family and girlfriend we're in the audience. Then the band broke into Reggie's arrangement of "Girl from Ipanema" (Sic). Then Maynard played the new classic "Misra-Denhuka" (Sic). Maynard went on to explained how the title meant artistic freedom remarking that, it meant "We Can play any Damn note we want." After seeing this song live for the third time, I love watching everyone's face by the sound of this Indian Fusion song. After Misra, Maynard brought Reggie out to lead the band and Maynard became the "boy cornet soloist" and they played a song that was written in tribute to Louis Armstrong for the recent European tour. The song was arranged by Reggie, it was "Miss New Orleans" and Reggie did an amazing Louis Armstrong style singing of the song. This song brought the house down. As all good things, it became time for "Cajun Cookin" in which Carl Fischer did an amazing flugle horn solo, I think possibly beating Maynard register wise. This like always signaled the end of the show. Of course he did the hand shake thing, and went back into the back stage area. When Maynard came out the rest of the band came out as well but Earl Mcdonald told the band to go back and we received the treat of seeing Maynard play Caruso with Earl accompanying on the Piano. It was amazing. The show concluded with the usual Birdland. The show was awesome. We hung out for a bit afterwards... And I got Maynard's autograph this was a huge thrill for me check out the pictures!