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Maynard Ferguson Album Reviews - One More Trip to Birdland

Originally printed in the November 2, 1996 issue of Cash Box - The Music Trade Magazine

By John Goff

And if One More Trip To Birdland isn't enough, take another and another and another. Lovers of pure sounds and music as it was meant to be will not - guaranteed! - tire of listening to Maynard Ferguson and his guys as they take you on another trip to "Birdland" with a superb Chip McNeill arrangement of the Josef Zawinul composition. Tom Garling contributes a new composition with his own arrangement, "You Got It'' which kicks the 9-tune CD off in double-clutching High gear. "Manteca" remembers Dizzy Gillespie, arrangement by drummer/percussionist Marko Marcinko. "Milestones" is dedicated to Miles Davis and Ferguson fondly remembers him in his liner notes (all of which gives a warm indication of the fun these guys had together). This is ensemble with cutting edge; sweet, harsh, moody and music that moves you body and soul. The simple joy and freedom infused into the sounds comes from these guys' inside souls. Great stuff with Ferguson on trumpet and flugelhorn; Scott Englebright lead trumpet; Carl Fischer and Larry Foyen, trumpets; Garling, trombone and guitar; Matt Wallace, tenor & alto saxes and vocal; Chris Farr, tenor & soprano saxes; Marcinko drums and percussion on a delicious "Cajun Cookin'"; Dan Zank, piano & keyboards, and Phil Palombi acoustic bass and bass guitar.