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Concert Pics

Maynard fan William H. Kile III sent in some great shots of Maynard playing at his 77th birthday concert in Edison, NJ (May 4, 2005).
Maynard fan Mark Meyers took some amazing photos of Maynard at the Finale club in St. Louis on March 16, 2005.
Click here to see some great photos taken by Maynard's daughter, Wilder, at Stratospheric (Oct 2004).
Click here to see some amazing photos taken by MF fan and photographer Tom Walko at Croce's in San Diego on Oct 5, 2004.

Click here to see some new pictures of Maynard in Mequon, Wisconsin on October 28, 2002. Thanks to Jeff Chan for these pictures.
Click here to see some new pictures of Maynard in Toronto on June 22, 2002. Thanks to Jeff Chan for these pictures.

Maynard in Concert!  Click on the images for full-size pics:

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1 - Submitted by Marc Forman
2 - Submitted by Christopher Hooton
3 - Submitted by Marc Vodofsky
4 - Submitted by Don Hill
5 - Pics from Ronnie Scott's Submitted by Ian Sothcott
6 - MF and Arturo pic by Michael Lewis
7 - Submitted by John Porter
8 - Submitted by Denny Lucey (January 28th, 2001 - Jazz Alley, Seattle)
9 - Submitted by Brian O'Flaherty (Northern Illinois Univ. around 1972 or 73)
10 - Submitted by Bob Gould. Photo was taken in Greenville, Michigan in November 2002.

If you have a Maynard picture that you feel would enhance my site, please feel free to send it to me at matt@ferguson.net.