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Featured Maynard Ferguson Links
(These are my favorites)
  • The Monthly Maynard Ferguson Alumni Columnist
    Site created by MF Forum moderator Brad Lefkiades. Features a column by a Maynard alumni each month!
  • Greg Evans' Trumpet Stuff Page
    If you want MF video, this IS THE PLACE!  Greg has put together an amazing web page featuring all of our favorite trumpet players.
  • Bruce's MF Page
    Bruce Bromley, a long time Maynard fanatic, has set up a great MF page featuring the ULTIMATE MF DISCOGRAPHY! Take a look at this page for several recordings you don't know about!
  • MF High Life Home Page
    Stephen Lovelady's excellent MF page, featuring rare and interesting items, including old MF newsletters!
  • Screamin
    A site dedicated to the high notes.

Other Great Maynard Ferguson Links

Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies

MF visits the Monette Factory!

Maynard Ferguson Re-Issue Campaign Site
Organized by a die-hard Maynard Ferguson fan-addict, this site isn't just complaining about MF's albums going out of print: it's doing something about it! Every MF fan MUST visit this site and help get MF's albums out on CD!

Dave Dee's Maynard Ferguson Scrapbook
MF superfan Dave Dee has set up an incredible Maynard scrapbook on the web, with a fantastic animated graphic of MF blowing off the roof (literally)!

Ron Schaeffer's MF Page
This is really a nice Maynard page with a great visual aspect. It has tour dates, bio information and (usually) sound clips.

Yutaka Tsutsumi's Maynard Page
It's Yutaka's MF page in Japan! You won't believe this guys MF collection!

Sony Music's Email!
Send an email to Sony Music (formerly Columbia records and CBS records) and let them know how you feel about letting so many great Maynard albums go out of print.

Maynard Ferguson Discography
Here's a link to a site that is trying to acquire a complete discography.

Giardinelli Band Instruments (with MF Horns!).
This site allows you to order MF Horns, MF Admiral Horns, and the MF Firebird online! It even has pictures!

Maynard Ferguson Listening Booth and Information Page
This site has a couple of cool sound files from the "These Cats Can Swing" album. Be careful, though, Caravan is mislabled as Sugar. There is also an interesting article here.

Cool Cats Jazz Festival Coverage
Check out some great coverage of the Cool Cats Jazz Festival by a Kansas university paper. It's got 3 pics that they wouldn't let me have, so I just made a link...

Pollstar is a great company that has extensive tour date info on Maynard!