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Music Links

Roger Ingram
One of the best lead players ever.

Reggie Watkins
MF trombonist and musical director. Tour dates and album info.

Bill Carmichael
High note specialist and a MF fan himself, Bill's playing is very exciting.

Stan Mark
The legendary Maynard Ferguson lead player

Doc Severinsen
One of the world's best trumpeters.

Sal Giorgianni
Former MF sax player, appeared on Brass Attitude (as well as the stage for several years). Has a couple of CDs available at CDbaby.com.

Walter White
Former MF trumpeter, appeared on Maynard's "Live from London" album.

Carl Fischer
One of Maynard's most exciting trumpet players is now on the web.

Hession's Sessions
MF Lead player Patrick Hession launches a great site with audio, video, products, and more!

Ernie Hammes' Website
Ernie is a current trumpet player on MF's band, and I'm hearing some great things about him from fans that are catching the band in concert around the country.

Manufacturer of Maynard's horns. Click on "artists" for information on Maynard.

Christian Jacob's Web Site
Christian Jacob is a very gifted pianist and used to play with Big Bop Nouveau and also served as their musical director. His new web site offers information about his career as well as some very rare Maynard photos.

Boptism Music Publishing
MF Trumpeter Rich Willey's site, where you can find his recordings and books of bop duets that he has written.

Bob Odneal's Web Site
Former MF trumpeter's own web site, with trumpeting tips, photos, and sound clips.

Seeley Music Productions
Chase, Brisbois, and other great trumpet music.

Various Nick Drozdoff Links
Trumpeter Nick Drozdoff played with Maynard in the early 80's.  Be sure to read about his experiences.
Also be sure to listen to his sound files!

Phil Palombi's Web Site
Former MF bass player Phil Palombi has set up his own web site.  Pay it a visit!

Tastee Bro's-Dubba'C and Beyond
Former MF lead player Scott Englebright and screamer pal Donny Dyess have recorded a CD!  50% humor and 50% "how do they play so damn high?".  Click for sound clips and order info.

Primal Therapy (Chase Tribute Band)
Visit the web page of Primal Therapy, a Chase Tribute Band!  They even have a CD!

Dreambox Media
Do you love former MF saxman Denis DiBlasio's music as much as I do? Don't forget, he wrote some of MF's most classic tunes like "Coconut Champagne" and "Cajun Cookin'". After leaving the MF group, Denis made some great solo records, and they are available for order here.

Great Music
After a long and exhausting wait, all 3 of Chase's albums are now available on CD! You can order them here as well as the "fourth Chase" album, with screamer Walt Johnson taking over Bill Chase's lead chair.

The Jazz Trumpet Player's Resource Homepage
Tips for the jazz trumpeter, particularly high-note specialists. A few cool Maynard pictures, too.

North Texas State's Jazz CD's
From this site, you can order Scott Englebright's college CD, including his rendition of the tune "Maynard Ferguson"!

Trumpet Player's International Network
An inclusive trumpet site that has info on a mailing list, ftp site, chat room, and a www site.

Trumpet Player Online
This is THE online source for trumpet players. If you are a fan of trumpet music at all, check it out!

Rich Szabo's Home Page
Rich Szabo is one hell of a trumpet player. Prove it? Well, he played trumpet in Maynard's band in 1979! He now maintains his own big band in New York. They just came out with a new CD and it is SMOKIN!!! His big band is chock full of Maynard alumni, so check out his page to order his CD.

Dave Powell's Stan Kenton Page
We all know that Stan Kenton was responsible for putting Maynard into the American spotlight. Pay tribute to his music and memory by visiting this page.

The Bill Chase Homepage
Finally! Someone has assembled a page just for the trumpet stylings of Bill Chase. Most MF fans are familiar with Chase's work, whether it was in MF's trumpet section, or at the front of his own band.

Dave G. Monette Corporation
Dave Monette manufactures all of MF's mouthpieces. He also makes mouthpieces for several top trumpeters.