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Survey Results Archive: Questions 31-44

For many months the Maynard Ferguson Tribute Page featured a weekly survey question.  Here are the results:

Question 44: What MF alum would you like to see return to the band?

  • In First Place, with 30%:  Denis DiBlasio
  • In 2nd Place, with 12%: Stan Mark
  • In 3rd Place, with 9%: Scott Englebright
  • In 4th Place, with 7%: Bill Chase
  • In 5th Place, with 6%, a tie:  Bruce Johnstone and Slide Hampton.
  • In 6th Place, with 4%: Steve Wiest
  • In 7th Place, with 3%, a tie:  Lynn Nicholson, Lin Biviano, and Peter Erskine.

Mentioned Once:

  • Walter White
  • Roger Ingram
  • Pete Jackson
  • Nick Lane
  • Tony Pia
  • Andy McIntosh
  • Glenn Kostur
  • Chick Corea
  • Christian Jacob
  • Randy Purcell
  • Pete Jackson


Question 43: What jazz standard would you like to see Maynard record (or rerecord)?

In First Place:  Malaguena (2)

  • Misty
  • Cotton Tail
  • It Could Happen to You
  • Chatanooga Choo Choo
  • Things Ain't What They Used to Be
  • Round Midnight
  • All The Things You Are
  • Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
  • Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
  • Giant Steps
  • Take The A-Train
  • Frame for the Blues
  • In the Mood
  • Donna Lee
  • Sunny Side of the Street
  • Stardust
  • A Child is Born
  • I Remember Clifford
  • Teonova
  • How High the Moon
  • Channel One Suite
  • What's New


Question 42: What one word best describes Maynard Ferguson?

Some of the responses I received (there were too many to list them all):

  • Inspirational
  • High
  • Huge (for his sound)
  • Godlike
  • Stratospheric
  • Unstoppable
  • Fire!
  • The BOSS
  • Cool
  • Explosive
  • Energy
  • Dynamic
  • Exuberant
  • Compassionate
  • Irreplacable
  • WOW


Question 41: What's the farthest you've traveled for a Maynard show?

Here's the rundown:

  • 0-100 miles: 10%
  • 100-200 miles: 48%
  • 200-500 miles: 23%
  • over 500 miles: 10%
  • another country (super fans!): 10%


Question 40: What do you think Maynard's next album should be called?

This brought (as I had hoped) some great responses! I decided to list them all.

  • Higher, Faster, and Louder
  • Still Screamin'
  • Maynard Ferguson: Redoes The Hits
  • Superbone Meets The Badman
  • St. Thomas
  • The Very Best Of Maynard
  • Around the Horn
  • MF Horn `97
  • Maynard Ferguson-Closing in on the Century
  • Heavy Brass
  • High, Higher, Maynard
  • 'Cajun Soliloquy
  • Maynard's Altitude!
  • I Flew Higher Than Them All!
  • To the Stratosphere and Beyond
  • The Man
  • Cookin' with Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau
  • Swingin' In Cats' Alley
  • Straight ahead and don't look back
  • Live at * (I think he should do another live album)
  • Millennium
  • Living it up!
  • High as a Kite
  • Pure and Simple
  • Straight Up
  • MAYNARD-Live from around the world
  • Growin' Old But Playin' Gold
  • Still Crazy After All These Years


Question 39: What is your favorite of MF's nicknames?

Wow! A clear majority vote on this question...

In first place, with 48%: The Boss

In second place, with 19%: The Admiral

In third place, with 11%: Maynard The Fox

Mentioned once each:

  • Sillyface
  • Mayn
  • Chops
  • Mr. Mellow
  • Mayn-Yard
  • The Ferg


Question 38: If you could only play one piece to someone who had never heard Maynard before, what piece would it be?

In first place, with 20%: MacArthur Park

In second place, with 17%: Ole'

In third place, with 10%: Birdland

In fourth place, with 8%: Gonna Fly Now

In fifth place, with 4%: A Tie!

  • Old Man River
  • La Fiesta
  • Fireshaker
  • Coconut Champagne

Mentioned once each:

  • Caravan
  • Night In Tunisia
  • Eli's Comin
  • Gospel John
  • Bebop Buffet
  • Danny Boy
  • Maria
  • Conquistador
  • Hey Jude
  • Birdland ('96)
  • The Hit Medley
  • Dancing Nitely
  • Blues From Around Here
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Maynard Ferguson
  • A Trumpet


Question 37: What is your favorite Maynard trombone solo?

I think that this question was misunderstood quite often! I actually was asking for the favorite trombone solo that MF himself played, but many of my responses were for solos that MF's trombone players had played...but I decided to include all responses:

In first place, with 28%: Superbone Meets the Badman

In second place, with 8%: L-Dopa

In third place, a tie with 6% each:

  • Eli's Comin
  • Fireshaker
  • The Way We Were
  • Caravan

Mentioned once each:

  • St. Thomas
  • Every Day I Have The Blues
  • Round Midnight
  • South 21st Shuffle
  • Manteca
  • Stella By Starlight
  • Jazz Berries


Question 36: Who do you think most closely emulates Maynard's style?

In first place, with 26%: None, nobody, etc..

In second place, with 14%: Scott Englebright

In third place, with 9%: Jon Faddis

In fourth place, a tie with 6% each:

  • Arturo Sandoval
  • Bill Chase
  • Paul Cacia
  • Alan Wise
  • Stan Mark

Mentioned once each:

  • Doc Severinsen
  • Lenny Pickett
  • Scott Wiley
  • Lew Soloff
  • Ryan Krewer
  • Jim Maney
  • Rich Szabo
  • Dave Stahl


Question 35: Who do you think was/is Maynard's favorite soloist besides himself?

Wow! The people have spoken! The winner was very clear-cut this week!

In first place, with 34%: Denis DiBlasio

In second place, with 12%: Bruce Johnstone

In third place, with 10%: Carl Fischer

In fourth place, with 7%: Matt Wallace

In fifth place, with 5%: Scott Englebright

Mentioned once each:

  • Scott Wiley
  • Pete Jackson
  • Slide Hampton
  • Joe Farrell
  • Chip McNeil
  • Jimmy Ford
  • Slide Hampton
  • Mark Colby
  • Tom Garling
  • Herb Geller
  • Stan Mark


Question 34: What do you think is/was Maynard's most technically challenging song?

In first place, with 25%: The Fox Hunt

In second place, a tie with 9% each:

  • Airegin
  • The Fugue

In fourth place, a tie with 6% each:

  • Ole'
  • La Fiesta

Mentioned once each

  • Got The Spirit
  • Ganesha
  • Give it One
  • The Fly
  • Conquistador
  • Carnival
  • Hey Jude
  • Stand Up and Preach
  • Hot Canary
  • Scherherazade
  • Manteca
  • Theme From Star Trek
  • Bebop Buffet
  • Frame for the Blues


Question 33: What do you think Maynard's favorite song to play is?

In first place, with 30%: Birdland

In second place, with 22%: Sweet Baba Suite

In third place, with 15%: Blue Birdland

Mentioned once each:

  • Frame For the Blues
  • Hey Jude
  • Maria (the New Vintage arrangement)
  • Maria (in general)
  • Ganesha
  • Stay Loose with Bruce, Glenn's Den (etc)
  • La Fiesta
  • I Can't Get Started
  • Cajun Cookin


Question 32: What is the most unique Maynard related item you own?

This week's question brought some really interesting answers, and I will include each answer in its entirety.

  • Jazz Styles of Maynard Ferguson book
  • a 16' X 30" charcoal painting of Maynard
  • Supposedly, the mouthpiece that MF recorded "MF Horn III" on. I was a teenager in the early 80's, and Alan Wise sold it to me for $30 at intermission during a concert. Don't know if it's authentic or not, but I like to think it is.
  • Just his great albums!!
  • His signature on my copy of Chameleon
  • My neatest MF item is a puzzle I bought from the fan club about 18 years ago. It was an 8X10 glossy glued on to cardboard and then cut into puzzle pieces. I had it framed.
  • A picture of Maynard in Canada while playing a local club. When I showed Maynard this black and white photo at a concert in 1994, he mentioned that he never wore a white jacket while performing at this particuliar club, but in the photo I had he was in fact wearing a white sportscoat. He asked for a copy of the photo to be sent to his home so I sent it off in the mail to him later that year.
  • I've got "Screamin Blues" on record (actually my dad bought it when it came out, and it's in mint condition) and noone seemes to know it exists), also I have an 1987 issue of Windplayer with Maynard on the cover, also in mint cond.
  • I have the first couple issues of the "MF Newsletter" which was sent out to fans in the late 70's or early 80's.
  • One of MF's old mouthpieces that was given to me. Also, a concert poster from Club Bene in Sayreville, NJ from November, 1979. It measures 3'x6'
  • when i started to listen to MF 4 years ago I wanted to be just like him so I found out the type of horn and mouthpiece he played on. I went out and bought me a mouthpiece just like MF.
  • Ballad Style LP
  • Absolutely nothing... I am a sax player.
  • Nothing other than cd's and cassettes.
  • Score for Jolly Rogers from Kenton Era
  • My most unique Maynard item, is my autographed These Cats Can Swing album from Maynard's IRC chat session.
  • My most unique item is a vinyl recording of "Live from San Fran" that my dad bought for me before he passed away. Not very unique, I realize, but special to me nonetheless.
  • Autographed tour poster from Germany that Matt Keller is desparetely envious for. When he singed it all I could say to him was, "You are God!" over and over...Damn you, Pete! :)
  • Autographed mosaic box set
  • Ticket from 1994 gig in Brisbane, Australia
  • A towel that Maynard used on stage during a concert
  • My signed Kappa Kappa Psi pledgeboard
  • Picture of his warmup room
  • Not a unique item, but a prized one just the same, an autographed photo from about 7 years ago.
  • Mouthpiece cover
  • a live recording of the song "Maynard Ferguson" performed with the Stan Kenton Orchestra
  • MF3 Jet Tone Mouthpiece (1978)
  • I've got a few albums


Question 31: What is Maynard's most beautiful ballad?

In first place, with 14%: Maria

In second place, a tie with 9% each:

  • But Beautiful
  • People
  • Round Midnight
  • An Offering of Love - Part 1

In sixth place, a tie with 6% each:

  • Naima
  • Macarthur Park

Mentioned once each:

  • My One and Only Love
  • Lush Life
  • You Can Have Me Anytime
  • Moonlight in Vermont
  • Over the Rainbow
  • As Time Goes By
  • If He Walked Into My Life
  • I Can't Get Started
  • Hey Jude
  • If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
  • Pagliacci
  • The Way We Were
  • Danny Boy