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Maynard records another album!

9/25/01 - The new album is here and it's great! MF's in fine form and the album swings hard! If you have trouble locating the album in local stores, please order from one of the online retailers above, or contact Linda at Maynard Ferguson's office (linda@maynardferguson.com) and let her know where you aren't able to find it.

What are your thoughts on the new album? Sound off here!

Here's what we know about the album so far:

Title: Swingin for Schuur Click here to order!
Release Date: September 25, 2001
Producer: Phil Ramone
Recorded at: Capitol Records
  • Maynard Ferguson - trumpet
  • Patrick Hession - trumpet
  • Paul Armstrong - Trumpet
  • Peter Ferguson -trumpet
  • Reggie Watkins - trombone
  • Mike Dubaniewicz - Alto Sax
  • Jeff Rupert - tenor sax
  • Denis DiBlasio - Bari Sax
  • Jeff Lashway - piano
  • Brian Stahurski - Bass
  • Brian Wolfe - Drums
Track List/Arrangers
  1. Just One of Those Things - Paul Armstrong
  2. Beseme Mucho - Reggie Watkins
  3. Deep Purple - Denis DiBlasio
  4. Autumn Leaves - Reggie Watkins
  5. My Romance - Tom Garling
  6. Love Letters - Tom Garling
  7. East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Denis DiBlasio
  8. Midnight Sun - Denis DiBlasio
  9. I Fall in Love Too Easily - Ron Oswanski
  10. Lush Life - Chip McNeill
  11. Just Friends - Tom Garling
  12. Lets Fall in Love - Chip McNeill
  • Diane and Maynard will be doing some touring together to promote its release
  • In a recent email from Maynard saxman Mike Dubaniewicz, he had the following to say about the new recording: "The session went great. Producer Phil Ramone, Boss, And Dianne kept the session chugging along,and made it fun yet productive. The album is primarily big band oriented with latin, rock and swing grooves. The arrangements were great and the band played em with alot of slick professionalism. Boss also played his a** off! I think MF fans will really dig it.!!"

Order from:
Order Now from Amazon.com!