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Stillwater, Oklahoma.  September 28, 2000

A concert review by MF fan Zach Townsend.

I have sent you a few emails of random thoughts and comments, and so again I will send you another. I was privileged to get to see MF in Stillwater kicking off the US tour. Here is the setlist in order:

  1. You Got It
  2. Just Friends
  3. Girl From Ipanema
  4. Misra Dhenuka
  5. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
  6. Cajun Cookin
  7. Birdland

I am writing this a day after the concert so I can't go into great detail of every solo in every song, but I will give a brief review.

I spoke with Reggie before the show out by the bus, and he said the whole band was pretty tired from just playing Thailand. Actually, he said The Boss was tired, and the band too. I asked him what new songs they were planning on playing and he said "girl" and "new orleans", he also said "girl" will be on the next album for sure.

After speaking with Reggie, I went on in to the concert hall, and after hearing him say they were all tired, I was not sure what to expect from them. But to make a long story short, they were on!!! Maynard came out to Blue Birdland as usual, hit a few high ones, then introduced the band. You Got It started off the show, as it has the last 4 times I have seen him. After this song, I knew MF was not-so tired, his solos were right on and above, easily nailing everything he tried. Since I had seen most of this set 4 times, I wasn't real blown away by anything. A few points I might add, Mike has improved greatly over the summer, his solos were amazing! Girl From Ipanema was smokin, and the band really got into that tune. Reggie got 2 opportunities to lead the band, on "New Orleans"(where he sang and played), and on Cajun Cookin, if I am remembering correct. "New Orleans" was interesting, but I'd have to say, I'd rather hear Reggie sing like himself rather than imitating Louie Armstrong. Pete did not get any solos, so I have nothing to report of him other than he sold shirts and CD's almost as well as Ed did. Patrick Hession did not get an "out front" solo until the "Macarthur" part of the medley, and that was amazing!! If I was blind, I'd swear I was listening to MF back in the 70's. After Just Friends, Maynard actually told the band that they were "on" and sounding great jetlagged, which was funny, and gave the band a good laugh. All in all, Maynard was in GREAT spirits, made many jokes, played fabulous as usual. The band sounded as good as ever, if not better! So, Great show.